Distinguished Medical Doctors: Russian Federation

gens_200x250Oncology-breast cancer: Prof. Guens Gelena is one of the most dreputable  Russian oncologists specialising in breast tumours treatment. Works at the European Medical Center, Moscow, Russia. Tel: +7 (495) 933 66 55
alievChildren oncology: Dr. Aliev Mamed D. is one of the world authorities in general and  children oncology. He is Professor and a member of the  Russian Academy of sciences. Dr. Aliyev is the founder of a new direction in oncology:   oncoortopedy, which includes complex orthopedic treatment of cancer patients: endoprosthetics for skeletal tumors, surgical treatment of metastatic tumors of the spine, pelvis, chest wall; reconstructive-vascular surgery in oncology.  Currently he is Director of the Children oncology research institute. Tel: +7 (499) 324-18-94
Kerimov.jpgOncology, Surgery: Dr. Kerimov Ruslan A. is a highly qualified surgeon (highest professional level) with one of the best patients feedback. He holds doctor of sciences degree. Currently works at the Blokhin oncological center. Focuses on the surgery of  breast and other cancers. Tel: +7 (499) 324-19-19
kan-vladimir-izraylovich_200x250_0Surgery: Dr. Vladimir I. Khan is an outstanding surgeon (highest professional level) with a long track records on general and emergency surgery. For over 30 years he has held a position of  Head of the emergency surgery department in one of the major state clinics in Moscow. His work is focused mainly on minimally invasive strategies of dealing with acute inflammatory conditions of abdominal organs, surgical treatment of different hernias, complications of gallstone disease, treatment of pancreas disorders. Currently he works as Head of the general and emergency surgery department at the European Medical Center, Moscow, Russia. Tel: +7 (495) 933 66 55
РавичЛДColoproctology: Dr. Ravich Leonid D. is an oustanding specialist- coloproctolog. He has excellent track records of sucessfully treated patients. He holds the title- Doctor of the highest category. He also conducts scientific research. Currently he is Director of the coloproctology department of the Botkin hospital.  Tel: 8 (499) 762 62 21
бокерияHeart surgery: Prof.  Leo A. Bokeria is Russia’s Chief Heart Surgeon. Leo Bokeria is considered one of the world’s best. Performs up to six operations a day. Works at the the Bakulev Center, Moscow, Russia. The center performs 4500 bypass surgeries a year, they do 3600 operations on children – out of this number, 1400 are children under the age of one. He is a recepient of the European gold medal. Tel: +7(495) 414-75-71
akshurinHeart surgery: Prof.  Akchurin Renat is a world authority in heart surgery. He has developed unique directions in restorative, vascular and cardiac surgery. He works on such areas as reconstructive and plastic microsurgery, reconstructive microsurgery of coronary arteries, surgical treatment of coronary heart disease, surgical treatment of rhythm disturbances, myocardial protection, laser angioplasty, heart transplantation and heart-lungs. He works at the Russian cardiological center. Tel: +7 (495) 414 66 81
yankin-viktor-vasilevich_200x250_0General practice: Dr. Vladimir Iankin is an outstanding  (highest professional level) doctor of general practice. He has an outstanding reputation acquired during his tenure at the most prestigious medical centers in Russia. Works at the European Medical Center, Moscow, Russia. Tel: +7 (495) 933 66 55
ALEX1683-ПрокопенкоВД_crop500Immunology and Allergy:  Prof.  Vladimir D.Prokopenko is one of the most respected medical doctors with a wide range of experience. He made fundamental contributions in ummunology and allergy. He is also a recognised specialist on pulmonology and dermatology. He is a receipient of multiple awards including the European gold medal. He works at the Medincenter, Moscow, Russia. Tel  +7 (495) 933-86-48
ALEX2818-КраснопольскаяИВ_crop500Obstetrics and gynaecology: Dr. Irina Krasnopolskaya is a high standing ginecologist with ample clinical expertise. She holds Ph.D. in medicine. She also holds title “Doctor of the highest professional level.”  She works at Medincenter, Moscow, Russia. Tel  +7 (495) 933-86-48
довгальEmergency Medicine:  Dr. Vladimir  Dovgal is one of the most qualified doctor of medical emergency.  His expertise pertains to cardio resuscitation and treatment of urgent and complex situations. He works at Medincenter, Moscow, Russia. Tel  +7 (495) 933-86-48
литвин3145dd6c25cf854e2b2466103bea08de.jpgEchography:  Dr.  Andrei G. Litvin is regarded as one of the best specialists in Russia focusing on echography including the Doppler ultrasound imaging. He performs all types of ultrasound diagnostics. Currently he works at the Intermed centre in Moscow. Tel: +7 (495) 937 57 57
ШутовЕВNefrology:  Dr.  Shutov Evgeny is one of the most respected nefrologists  with 35 years of research and clinical experience. His expertise relates to a wide range of kidneys diseases. He holds the highest scientific degree “Doctor of medical sciences” as well as the title “highest professional level.”  He works at the Botkin hospital in  Moscow, Russia. Tel  +7 (499) 728 82 13
ПилипенкоНВInfectious diseases:  Dr. Natalia Pilipenko is a renowned infectionist  with a wide range of interests and 30 years of work in this field. Her expertise engulfs a wide rabge of infections diseases. She holds title “Doctor of the highest professional level.”  Currently she is director of the Department of infectious diseases.  She works at the Botkin hospital in  Moscow, Russia. Tel: +7(495)945-97-53
АлешковичЕВСardiology:  Dr. Elena Aleshkovich has over 20 years of experience treating patients with heart dieseases focusing on heart attacks. Her vast expertise embrases  a wide range of  heart diseases. She holds title “Doctor of the highest professional level.”  Currently she is director of the Department of cardiology for patients with heart failures.  She works at the Botkin hospital in  Moscow, Russia. Tel: +7 (495)945-97-55
ХуажеваНКHematology: Dr. Nuriet Khuazheva has 40 years of expertise in the medical profession. She grew from a postgraduate student to the Director of the hematological department. She is welll recognised expert in the field of blood disorders including tumours related to the blood system. She works at the Botkin hospital in  Moscow, Russia. Tel: +7(495)945 97 63
segal7dca4cf133d4a40576c17e0f95780dc9Urology:  Prof. Alexander Segal  has over 200 publications and is considered as one of the leading urologists in Russia. His major area of expertise is men’s health and hormonal disunction in aging men. He has been working in this area since 1969. He holds title “Doctor of the highest professional level.”  and the highest scientific degree. Currently he is Professor at the Moscow Medical and Stomatological  University.  He is a recepient of the European gold medal.  He also consults at MEDSI, Tel: +7 (495) 755 58 75
aganesovSpine cord surgery: Prof. Aganesov Alexander G. is the leading Russian traumatologist-orthopedist of the highest medical category. He uses the most advanced  methods of surgical and non-surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of the spine cord. He works at the clinic for spine surgery named after Petrovsky. Tel: +7 (499) 248-54-36
gunchikov_m_vOtorhinolaryngology: Prof. Gunchikov Michail V.  is a well-known specialist whose work is focused  on the treatment of all aspects of otorhinolaryngological pathologies.  He is Professor at the Pirogov National  medical/surgery center. Tel: +7 (499) 116 67 16
asaturova_m_rDentistry: Asaturova Maia R. is a highly professional dentist with excellent feedback from her patients. She is doctor of high qualification with more than 20 years of experience. Currently she works at  the “Best clinic” in Moscow. +7 (499) 116 67 16
nasedkin_g_kGastroenterology:  Dr. Nasedkin Gennady K. is a highly reputable doctor. His work focuses on endoscopy. He authored various new technologies that are currently widely used in the most advanced medical facilities. He is Doctor of medical sciences. Currently he works at  the “Best clinic” in Moscow and AXIS clinic, in Moscow. tel: +7 (499) 116 67 16