Distinguished medical doctors: Bulgaria

petrovCardiology:  Prof. Ivo Petrov is a doctor of high reputation with the proven track records on:  Optimization of primary PCI in AMI, Thoracic and abdominal aorta endografting, Carotid artery stenting in challenging cases, Neurointerventions and acute stroke management. In November 2006, he was appointed to lead the cardiology department of Tokuda Hospital Sofia. Since November 2012 he has been holding the position as Chief of Cardiology and Angilogy Department at City Clinic Sofia. Tel: 00359 894138988, e-mail registration@acibademcityclinic.bg
TsankoCardiac surgery: Dr. Tsanko Gulubov is a highly recommended heart surgeon. He worked in the Department of Cardiac Surgery of the University Hospital Sv. Ekaterina”, Sofia. In 2004 he is included in the team of Prof. Gentcho Nachev in the newly opened Department of Cardiac Surgery at University Hospital St. George. In 2005 as a member of the same team he participated in the opening of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at University Hospital St. Marina”, Tel: 00359 894138988, e-mail registration@acibademcityclinic.bg

Yordanova_1Gastroenterology: Dr. Lilyana Yordanova is a distinguished Bugarian gastroenterologist with 32 years of experience. Dr. Lilyana Yordanova is M.D and has specializations in Internal Medicine, and Gastroenterology and Dietology. She’s certified in: abdominal echography, doppler abdominal echography, upper and lower endoscopy – fibrogastroscopy and fibrocolonoscopy. Dr. Lilyana Yordanova has numerous publications in specialized medical journals. Dr. Lilyana Yordanova regularly participates in international congresses and conferences on Gastroenterology. Tel + 359 2 974 10 00, info@sphospital.com

Benchev_1Otolaryngology: Prof. Dr. Rumen Benchev is a well-known physician working on complex diagnostics and treatment of obstructive nasal breathing, functional and aesthetic nasal surgery, functional endoscopic surgery of the paranasal sinuses, diagnostics, functional study and surgical treatment of snoring and initial stages of obstructive sleep apnea; allergic rhinitis, allergic diseases of the upper air passages; nasal and paransal sinuses oncological diseases; nasal functional study and pathology. He also works in the filed of Laryngology: functional laryngeal microsurgery; laryngeal stenosis, laryngeal paralysis, laser microsurgery correction for hoarseness of voice, early stages of laryngeal cancer, bilateral laryngeal paralysis. Tel: Telephone: + 359 2 974 10 00, Mobile: +359 888671567 e-mail: info@sphospital.com, e-mail: sphospital@abv.bg