Distinguished doctors: Denmark


spechtClinical oncology: Professor Lena Specht is one of the most reputable  Danish oncologists specialising in breast tumours treatment. Her work includes: Lung cancer, Gastrointestinal (GI) tumours, both upper and lower GI-tumours, Gynaecological tumours, Urological tumours including testicular cancer Head and neck tumours, CNS tumours, Sarcomas. She
works at the Rigshospitalet, Kopenhagen.  Tel:  +45 35 45 39 69, Mobile: +45 35 45 11 26, e-mail: lena.specht@regionh.dk
lassenOncology and personalized medicine: Professor Ulrik Lassen from Rigshospitalet is one of the European authorities in personalised medicine. which potentially will revolutionize the therapy for many oncological  patients in the future. The strategy requires intense investments in: technology, data security, legal clarity, relevant education and communication with patients.  He works at the Rigshospitalet, Kopenhagen.Tel: +45 3545 8923, e-mail ulrik.lassen@regionh.dk
Infectious Jan_Gerstoftdiseases: Professor Jan Gerstoft is a renowned infectionist  with a wide range of interests and a proven track records in this field. His expertise engulfs a wide range of infections diseases including  treatment and research within infectious, tropical and immunologic diseases. He works at the  title ous diseases.  He works at the University of Kopenhagen. T
el: +45 3545 8923, e-mail jan.gerstoft@regionh.dk