The European Scientific-Industrial Chamber conducts the ranking of world scientific institutions. It is evedent that many countries around the world are being held back by persistent disparities in its research and innovation capabilities which are the key to their future prosperity. Amazingly, but this refers not only to developing countries, but also to  industrialized nations.  What  we observe is that not all goverments  across the world are ratcheting up their investments in knowledge and new technologies.  For example, many countries, even with distinguished traditions of achievement in science, lack the high quality research capacity adequate to the challenges of today and tomorrow. To promote a more balanced development of the European Research Area, the European Commission has set out a strategy for the creation of “stairways to excellence” through teaming initiatives. The objective of teaming is to establish, reinforce and develop partnerships between countries and regional research actors and international leading counterparts. Ranking-2014 will help countries to  build critical mass by developing real international  partnerships for the breakthrough developments in research and innovation. For this ranking-2014 will be of paramount importance.

The scientific institutions will be  ranked by the following evaluation: AAA- the highest ranking of the first level, AA-the highest ranking of the second level, A-the highest ranking of the third level, BBB- the sufficient ranking of the first level, BB- the sufficient ranking of the second level, B- the sufficient ranking of the third level, CCC- the satisfactory ranking of the first level, CC-the satisfactory level of the second level, C-the satisfactory level of the third level, all other scientific organisations  will be ranked as «below ranking»

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