European Gold Standard

European  Gold Standard  Certification 

EGSC- is a method of providing formal recognition to a facility that has demonstrated proficiency in controlling and continuously improving the quality and safety programs used in the manufacturing of products for public  consumption. To earn this seal, a company  has made a total commitment to product quality and safety. The European  Gold Standard of Quality Certification Programme was launched by European Scientific-Industrial Chamber to help the general public to get familiar with the world best products and services. This programme also helps the world industry continue to meet the high quality service and consumer quality expectations. The program is designed to enhance product quality and reduce production safety risks while fostering envirnonmetally sound goods and technologies. The European Gold Standard Certification is offered to the world industry to provide continuous improvement in confidence, security and prosperity through full integration of safety and the quality of production process.

Benefits of the European  Gold Standard of Quality Program are:

Provides the general public with an information on high quality goods and services that satisfy a comprehensive Quality Protocol, The European  Gold Standard Seal assures customers that the Company manufacturing this product has met the highest and most rigorous standards of quality, safety of working places and environmental protection, Reduce the need for additional audits such as third party audits and laboratory evaluations and tests, Provides a marketing advantage to interested parties (such as potential customers) that the products produced in the qualified plant meet strict quality criteria and customer specifications, European Scientific-Industrial Chamber.

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